• Cinematic Video

    Create a video that tells the story of the property. This video is tailored to highlight the best of every room and carries the high standard of production value that you would see in the leading HGTV shows.

Cinematic Video – A high value video tailored to sell.

What we do: We’ll bring our professional video camera, special wide angle lens and stabilization system to achieve shots that are as smooth as they are sharp. We’ll then settle into the editing process to keep a good pace moving from room to room and sharpening the color and contrast of every clip. It should be noted that this package does not include aerial video, although it can be added separately.

What this is for: The handheld phone videos you see are useful to show what the house looks like as you move through it. But it misses the opportunity to WOW the prospective buyer with a cinematic experience that highlights all of the best features of the house, minimizes any negative ones, and does it all with the highest professionalism possible.

Duration: Up to 2 hours. Any time required beyond will be billed at $30 an hour.

Delivery Time: Video within 7 business days. Video rushing available for 3-business-day delivery for a $50 fee.

From: $209.99 $157.49

Name Range Discount
KW Philadelphia Agents 1 - 50 25 %
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